Chateau Bianca Pinot Noir (6)

Chateau Bianca Pinot Noir 6-Pack
Sold by: Chateau Bianca Wines
$94.99 $180.00 47% off List Price
2008 Chateau Bianca Cellar Select Pinot Noir
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I’ve liked their wines in the past…can’t handle taking 6 at the moment. For $16/bottle it’s certainly a good value buy. Pinot that tastes like Pinot!

I think that may have been the 2007 from July of 2012, that were quite the QPR.

Hope we get some notes to compare the two vintages. Good PN for under $25 is worth a taste.

I have not had either vintage and know nothing about this winery but generally speaking 2008 Willamette Valley PN is supposed to be superior to 2007 Willamette Valley PN.

Yes, 2008 was the superior vintage. For comparison purposes, Wine Enthusiast scores the 2007 vintage as 84 and the 2008 as 92, so quite a difference!

When did Woot stop shipping to Virginia? I really like this wine and this is a great deal. I’ve ordered wine here in the past and Virginia is on the freethegrapes list as good.

Not sure of the date but it’s been a while.

You can read more here.

Thanks for the response and the link! Now I have something to write my congressperson about - we had nothing in common before. gives it an 84 - just so,so. The price is pretty much in line with the going rate - $16 to $18/bottle

Take a couple?

I could be convinced…

Let me twist your arm…


Actually, Virginia is a bit of a special case, with some really arcane ideas about what constitutes appropriate regulation.

No Connecticut…



So? Is it a 92 or an 84? Pretty wide spread there if ya ask me…:slight_smile:

It’s an 88 :tongue: