Chateau Bianca Summer Whites Case

Chateau Bianca Summer Whites Case
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2009 Chateau Bianca Estate Pinot Blanc
2009 Chateau Bianca Pinot Gris
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Any input from someone that actually bought these last time would be MOST appreciated!

Oh, and BTW… what is the expected shipping date on these. I would have to ship them to one of my kids, but don’t want them spending a long weekend on their 90 degree porch while they are out of town…

OK, these are 2009 vintage. Since the PB is fermented in stainless, I’d have to think the date is pushing past optimal?

Any tasting notes out there, please?

Alcohol (wine) is NOT delivered without an adult signature; how is it then possible it could spend a weekend on a porch unless your kids are total idiots?

Hi Phil,
This is Andreas with the winery. Once we get your order the wines will be shipped shortly thereafter by FedEx. If you want to receive them on a certain date let us know and we can hold them to arrive in a certain time frame. Just let us know at customer

Hi, this is Andreas from the winery. Both of these wines were made in stainless steel. We are currently selling both in our tasting rooms and they are still showing very well. The trick is to pick them with the right ph at harvest which helps longevity.
The tasting notes on the wines on the main page are pretty accurate though I would say that the Pinot Blanc does have some nice softness to it and doesn’t overwhelm on the dry side. Between the two I would say the Pinot Gris has a richer mouthfeel but that is pretty true between the two grape varieties.

Since I live in Alabama “Alcohol (wine) is NOT delivered” **PERIOD **. I didn’t realize a signature was required. How does that work for those that have jobs during the day?
I was thinking of having this sent to one of my kids in a neighboring state, but obviously missed that window of opportunity.

You should use a ship-to address where you know someone will be or send it to a local FedEx store.

OK, thanks for the info… I have put off ordering from WineWoot since I can’t get it delivered to my house, but I guess I can maybe have it shipped to another address out of state if something really catches my fancy in the future. Just need to make sure I coordinate the delivery…