Chateau d'Abalone Verdejo (4) & Shell

Chateau d’Abalone Verdejo 4-Pack + an Abalone Shell
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2013 Chateau Abalone Verdejo
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10/29/12 (2012)

Yeah, 1st sucker.
This just drinks way too easily for my good, so better notes will have to come later, I have them; really. Big fruit, but the shell is small, really.

Tropical fruits, some citrus, touch of mineral. Very smooth entry but still got plenty of acid to make it food friendly. Opens with additional floral notes as it warms. Fruit from Twin Coyote vineyards I understand. Glass and steel, no wood, straight to bottle.

Buy this, SWMBO will approve.

Cesare, PM.

Would you recommend this is consumed using the shell or our more traditional stemware?

The shell leaks from three holes, but you could rig some type of drip system and likely make Stillman proud.

Thanks! Yes, the shell is ornamental, but real purty. I suppose it could be used as an ashtray if you roll 'em small, but it’s nobody’s idea of a shot glass.

I’ve never had this varietal and I’m wondering if it’s flavor palate is anything like a pino gris or grenach blanc. I see it has sauv blanc in it, which I typically like, but the other two varietals I listed I can’t stand for some reason, and I have tried a few of each.

It’s 100% Verdejo - I blended some Sauvignon Blanc in last year, but not this year. Verdejo is more like Sauv Blanc or Albarino, i.e. bigger, than it is like Grenache Blanc or Pinot Gris, as a rule, but don’t write the latter two off. It’s not grassy, however.

It sounds like I could really enjoy this wine! Now, could you do me a favor and convince my wife that we have plenty of free space for wine, because I’d really love to try this :wink:

Darn flying monkeys!! There I was, walking this painted road with my buds, Pinhead and Hairball, when this evil flying Woot Monkey flew down and dropped off a bottle of Stillman’s CdA and an Abalone shell.

Luckily, I still had my trusty bottle opener, albeit a trifle rusty (luckily, a nearby oil can helped). Poured around 49° and continued tasting til warmer.

Notes of Lemon Grass wafted up from the glass upon pouring. Very nice nose on swirling, and a nice pale yellow color.

Some candied pear on tasting, and a very nice finish. Very similar to a Sauvignon Blanc, but not quite the same.

It went well with the Garlic Shrimp I had, but was also nice without food.

Two Thumbs up on the Sparky scale! :wink:

I found the Abalone shell a trifle dry and crunchy however. :tongue:

This sounds amazing, I love lemon grass!

I heard this is from the Twin Coyote Vineyard. Was the 2012 also?

It wasn’t a heavy SB lemon grass, but a nice light aroma.

Yes, it’s the only producing planting in the county, though I hear the Smiths(Saxum)have just put in some. There are also a few rows in Santa Barbara County.

The 2012 version of this was great - I think I drank 2 full cases of it. Looking forward to trying this. I’ve yet to find a Stillman wine I didn’t like.

Thanks - don’t look in my garage!

Why dont you ship to kansas?? We had the voigner that was on woot and it was simply amazing, and it was shipped here…

I guess i will just have to find a friend in another state and take a roadtrip…

Had a chance to taste this wine last night with some friends. We had this after a tasting at out local wine shop while waiting for dinner. So after 20+ wines, we were warmed up.

This was in the fridge until about 2 hours before we opened, so it still was at a nice chill.

This had a nice nose which was fresh and notes of tropical fruit and apple. The entry was similar to Sauvignon Blanc, but changed after that. We all noted some sweetness from the fruit in the middle and then a nice mineral finish. With the crisp finish, the sweetness is not RS. Overall, it was well liked and a unique wine for us. If not our first Verdejo, our second.

We discussed what it would pair well with. Fish and shrimp were the top suggestions. My suggestion of chicken was shot down. Due to the fruit in the middle, some dessert pairings like panne cotta were also mentioned.

As we finished up the bottle with some Honey BBQ wings, and vindication was mine. It paired very well. The acidity cut through the sweetness of the BBQ very well. Any hint of sweetness in the wine was gone, and it was crisp and mineral.

Another great wine from Stillman.

The shell makes a poor drinking vessel. It is very shallow and has too many holes. A waste of good wine. However, it is very colorful on both sides. We will find a place for it

Good morning, and thanks for the comments! I’ll be here an hour or so, then off to press the '13 Pinot Noir, but once at the winery I can answer questions in minimal depth on my tiny, ancient iPhone 4.

Cousin Swilly - what is the drinking window on these? Meaning, beyond October?