Chateau d'Abalone Verdejo (4) & Shell

Stillman, having recently suffered an eye injury will the shell serve as an appropriate eye patch and if I drink enough of the wine will I appear to have two eyes again? I know your not a doctor but you know things.

Looking at the previous offer we are getting the extra bottle and shell for last years price. Woot! Woot!

Was just about to mention this. Hopefully this is a trend that continues until I can buy wine again!

So if these are both from Twin Coyote, why not a vineyard designate?

I’m going to guess because Stillman doesn’t like to clutter his labels. He doesn’t even like labels to begin with.

Another good trend is the prevalence of wineries that manage to find a way to accommodate Wooters in no-ship states – maybe Stillman will want to get out ahead of the pack?

think a cab guy would like this? is is real sweet?

It’s dry, not sweet at all. The acidity fools you into thinking that.

Love Stillman.


Now that is a post of high quality. I’m just extremely sad that shipping to NY still isn’t possible (I know why - it just makes me sad). The abalone shell is an inspired inclusion, but I was rather looking forward to trying this oft-discussed, much-loved, dry white.


Agree with Sparky. It is not sweet, just the fruit coming through. So yes, I think you would like it, but would want to watch what you pair it with more.

Totally dry, but the fruit ~may~ be perceived as a bit sweet. This has great acidity and balance, complex enough to ponder and just a pleasure to drink.

Thanks all for the reponses, trying to “expand” a bit, just might take a chance on this.
Have a good weekend all

Last Wooter to Woot:

This is a historic day on Wine Woot :slight_smile:

And the second event would be you actually showing up at a gathering, but you might just find out others you also like. Humm, could be expensive, better just play safe and stay away. :tongue:

Whoa…I think there’s a glitch in the matrix!

FWIW, last week we had a bottle of what is likely a very similar wine from Spain, from a producer that concentrates on the local varietal, Verdejo. Lovely bright acidity, nice citrus nose and palate. Stillman is known for well-made wines. If his is as authentic in style as the comments suggest, I’d consider this a good opportunity to check out a really fine white wine. Wish I could get my hands on some to compare.

Did I say I didn’t ship to Kansas? Ahem.

First vintage had some SB in it that wasn’t from Twin Coyote, over 5% (vineyard designate is 95%). And the label was approved even though TTB doesn’t list Verdejo as an ‘approved’ variety yet. If I only change the vintage and the alcohol % (and that alcohol % is in the same tax class, in this case 11-14%) I don’t have to resubmit the label to them. And they were running slow even before the COMPLETE SHUTDOWN OF ALL GOVERNMENT SERVICES this week.