Chateau Diana 707 DCV Marsanne (6)

Chateau Diana 707 Dry Creek Valley Marsanne 6-Pack
$69.99 $174.00 60% off List Price
2013 707 Marsanne, Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County

I do like me some Marsanne, but tell me about the ML: 330 ppm.
Don’t recall seeing it expressed in this manner before.


I prefer the old school method for measuring ML.
Would you serve this to your Mother in Law?
ML: Nope, alcohol content not high enough!

OK, I give up. What does “ML” in this context stand for? I can handle the 330ppm part, which sounds like it may be expressing the residual SO2 level. Is this correct? If so, why use the term “ML?”

Malolactic fermentation. No idea what the 330ppm is, though…

Another wine I’d buy, but it doesn’t deliver to CT.

Yeah, interesting write up. Here is the link to the actual product from the winery. Looks like a pretty good deal on Woot!

Likely that the residual malic acid is 350 parts per million. This would indicate that the wine went through MLF but not thoroughly enough to bottle without sterile filtration.

SoCal split? I want some of this, I think.

I could help out a bit I suppose.

And I was thinking about you when I commented I like me some Marsanne.

Thanks for the explanation Peter.

You want 3?

Either two or three would work.

that works
Coming to Corison?

Not. I’m hosting in May/June, though. I should probably post a thread…