Chateau Diana Se Leva Rosé Case

Chateau Diana Se Leva Rosé 12-Pack Case
$95.99 $156.00 38% off List Price
NV Se Leva California Rosé

Any rats?

Its a inexpensive summer rose - $8/bottle. Don’t expect Woot to spend twice the cost of a bottle, to send one out for people to rat.

Most rose in the stores go from 8 on the low end (Barefoot) to 18 (actual French rose). Hard to beat the price, if the wine is drinkable. Now, what your standard for drinkable is, varies by person…

They sent Kyle and I rat bottles last week of if the queen of hearts case at $5 more per case. But those wines have been offered here before and sold well. I would prefer they send out bottles on offers like this instead.

I am looking for some rose. But no info on what is in it. No CT notes and no rat notes. Have to pass.

I would like to know if it’s a reasonably dry rosé. Can anybody tell me?

Vintage(s)? How much residual sugar? Grape varieties?

Kind of demanding aren’t you?


But expect people to spend $100 on something undrinkable? I know what you are saying. But send a bottle or two out just so you give people an idea. Or don’t bother to offer it. I trust wine David implicitly but still… Seems like a wasted opportunity.

Found this today at grocery outlet for $4, reminded me of the bottle up for sale today. Equally devoid of all interesting info. And I was not suprised to discover it was produced by AWD cellars who I think is the group that provides all the completely generic but cheap Saturday offers here.