Chateau Diana Sparkling Moscato (6)

Chateau Diana Sparkling Moscato 6-Pack
$66.99 $114.00 41% off List Price
NV Chateau Diana Sparkling Moscato

This is $11.30 cheaper than buying it directly from Chateau Diana after accounting for shipping in CA.

The wine bottles themselves are $10 each directly from them, but the shipping cost to CA is $16.90, bringing the total cost up to $83.63 versus the $72.50 at Woot. In other states the savings because of shipping will be even higher, since they are based in CA it should have the cheapest shipping here.

In for 1 6 pack. :smiley: We love Moscato and have been watching for one to pop up on here for a while.

Just wondering if this will be similar to the “Risata Moscato d’Asti” in terms of flavor and expecially the sweetness? please pitch in if you know… My wife loves that stuff (me not so much)

Does anyone know how carbonated this is?

Based on the cork type, it appears to be like a Brut or Champagne.

If it’s a lighter fizz, I’d be in.

What happened to the alcohol. Yikes, it’s only 6%. The IPA I drink has more alcohol. Anyone try this yet??? I’m wondering if that’s not the residual sugar percent. Would think the alcohol would be more like 11 - 12%

That’s what it says on their website as well. Found a photo on amazon of the back label also, it is indeed 6% abv

Hoping it gets here BEFORE Jan 3rd! Actually, it would have to arrive by Friday the 30th, pleeeze… : ].

Sorry, kid. You’re not old enough to buy this. Come back when you’ve grown up a little.
I’m 55 years old, how do I fix this?

Sugar water with a little grape juice and CO2? Think I’ll stick with St Supery Moscato. You get what you pay for!

After you log in with Amazon, on the page where it shows the shipping and billing addresses, just below that box, you’ll find D.O.B. Click on the link that says Change, enter the correct birth date, and you’ll be all set.

Glad you asked about the sweetness level, it is on the higher side, very similar to the Risata Moscato d’Asti. I would say they also have a very comparable flavor profile.

Winemaker Chateau Diana

This wine is highly carbonated.

Winemaker, Chateau Diana

The wine is 6% alcohol by design. We have a very popular portfolio of wines in the 6% alcohol range. Folks really like it. It also makes for a great blender, especially in mimosas.

That’s how sweet wine gets to be sweet: they stop the fermentation about halfway through, when there’s still plenty of sugar.

Chateau Diana are the purveyors of supermarket “wine products” - plonk wine with fruit juice and sugar added. Not sure what this stuff might be, but caveat emptor. You can get authentic Moscato d’Asti, which is delicious (and less aggressively carbonated) for $15-$25 at most liquor stores.