Chateau du Vampire - 4 Pack

Chateau du Vampire - 4 Pack
$54.99 + $5 shipping
2 2007 Chateau Cabernet Sauvignon
2 2009 Chateau Roussanne
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Winery website

"I never drink… wine."

May I just remark how much I really enjoy the images of the wine? I like the cleverness that is used to display the bottles on occasion, and the crispness of the images.

Just wanted to give a shout out to the folks who do the photos.

ps. Do they get to drink the wine after the photo shoot?

Anyone know how the actual wine is?

Also, the website is not very helpful, can’t find prices on the wines to know if this is the a worthy deal or just the season that makes want to press the big yellow button.

after digging around, $28 for the cab and $18 for the roussanne…according to their site.

Thank you! I finally got it to come up, my computer at work is dying a slow death.

I found a price of $35 for the cab and $36 for the roussanne.

Anybody got anything to say about this? I’m tempted… not sure if I should save it for Triacipedis…

Edit –
Well thank you all who didn’t respond. I caved to curiosity and clicked the big yellow button. I hope you’re all pleased and satisfied with yourselves.

The pressure of the dropping barometer didn’t help matters either.

Wine trying to ride the Vampire trend makes me NOT want tot buy it. Lamesauce.

My parents bought me this wine for Christmas as a gag gift. I thought it would be horrible, but it was absolutely DELICIOUS. Excellent wine for a fun meal, would be perfect on Halloween. I had the Merlot, and it was a flavorful wine that I greatly enjoyed. I would 100% purchase this wine for myself, family, or friends.

Hope this helps!

uh oh a 2nd day of wootoff, grrrr have to show restraint, have to show restraint, have to…

Thanks!! You may have pre-empted a case of buyers remorse … that could have happened before I even received the product – whew!! that was a close one!!

Except the vineyard was founded in 1985, so it’s not a product of the latest bout of vampire fever.

Maybe Stephenie Meyer was all sauced up on this when she had her dream about sparkly vampires.

shows the $28 and $18

This was my first woot wine. And yes, I bought it because of the vampires. But I only like cool vampires… not vampires that can still attend high school.

I can’t wait to get it… still hasn’t even shipped yet. :frowning:

Was curious if anyone’s has shipped yet? I’ve not ordered wine from w00t in years. Is this delay normal?
Thanks and have a great weekend!

A friend of mine ordered another woot from the same day and she received her order already…

Drank the red. So far I likes.

I enjoyed the white quite a bit… Had it with some delicious chinese food. :slight_smile: