Chateau du Vampire Cabernet Sauvignon (3)

Chateau du Vampire Cabernet Sauvignon 3-Pack
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2009 Chateau du Vampire Cabernet Sauvignon

Any chance this will arrive before October 31?

According to, Minnesota is allowed direct shipping. I’ve ordered from wine.woot in the past with no issues, but now it tells me MN shipping is not allowed?

What gives?

This is a great wine and I want more! GIMME!


Even worse, I can order it from the vinyard and they will ship to me! C’mon woot!


According to shipcomplaintblog, MN is allowing shipments!

Minnesota has lifted their ban on internet wine sales and advertisements. A Consent Order was entered on April 3, 2006, in the case of Kimberly Crockett, et al vs. Michael Campion, Commissioner of Minnesota Department of Public Safety, et al, wherein it was declared that the plaintiff and other wineries have the right under the First and Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to engage in truthful, non-misleading advertising and solicitation of direct sales and shipments of wine to Minnesota consumers, as well as to freely initiate and/or accept on-line orders for sales and shipment of wine placed by Minnesota consumers via the internet. Therefore, wineries may advertise and accept internet orders from consumers in Minnesota. A copy of the Order is available at under current events. Finally, one state got a little less complicated!