Chateau Epernay II Cork Screw-True Bone

No Please no more cork screws!

Chateau Epernay Handmade Stainless Steel Cork Screw - True Bone
$19.99 $49.99 60% off List Price

How many millions of these are there anyway??

agree when woot offers say sunglasses you have a choice of black, brown etc. they should do the same here, Ivory, etc. 5th time they offered corkscrews this WO

The Copa of Corkscrews

Is this Groundhog Day or what? Every time I check site it seems like these corkscrews are back on again…

Got this one ~year ago. Been working great.

Man oh man, there must be a truckload of these babies! They do look like nice tools though :slight_smile:

How come my state is no longer on the list? I’ve bought corkscrews from them before?


Every bag-o-crap needs 3 of these.