Chateau Epernay II Corkscrew Random (2)

Chateau Epernay II Handmade Stainless Steel Corkscrew Random 2-Pack
$21.99 $100.00 78% off List Price
Your corkscrews will be randomly chosen from the following options:
Chateau Epernay II - Bamboo
Chateau Epernay II - Ebony
Chateau Epernay II - Mahogany
Chateau Epernay II - Rosewood
Chateau Epernay II - Bone

I bought a couple of these. They’re good for home use, but not great for a Sommelier by any means. The blades dull very quickly…

Do these with wines fermented with yeasts other than Epernay?
Also, how many of these do you have? I feel like these are the new decanters.

I have a couple…corkscrew part works excellent…the blade is worthless…:slight_smile:

Some good discussion about these from 2012, and from earlier this year. Also note the price decrease over this time. Anyone else have any experience with these?

April 19, 2012
December 6, 2012
July 16, 2014

EDIT: Just noticed the “II” which is not in the products I linked to. Not sure how much, if anything is different in these.

I bought one of these in a previous Woot. Mine is “true bone.” It’s my favorite corkscrew.

Pros: The corkscrew itself is big and slick. It grips the cork well and is very easy and fast to turn. It’s performed well with a couple of crumbly corks. The double ratchet thing works very well and makes pulling the cork easy and fast. Good leverage. And it just looks fantastic.

Cons: Dull blade that doesn’t take home sharpening or honing. Also, the ratchet arm on mine loosened quickly and just swings around. Doesn’t stay closed on its own. Which doesn’t affect operation when removing a cork, but it’s kind of annoying.

I wish I had a choice!

Hey, I decided to order these anyway. This is the first time ordering from Woot where it linked me to my Amazon account. Because I have a prime account I was not charged shipping!!! YEA!

[MOD: Shipping is now included on wine.woot.]

I hate Thursday.

Shipping is included on wine.woot now. Don’t think you get an advantage with prime.

It’s “no-wine-woot” Thursday

Indeed. For those with Prime, shipping included is a DISadvantage. :frowning:

Do these have a decent beer bottle opener? It looks a little small in the pictures. They look real nice but wanted and wanted something that would work for both. Thanks.

Me too. Random pick is a deal breaker for me. While I do have a favorite there are a few I really like and would be happy with but a couple that I just do not care for at all. Murphy says I would get one of those so no order from me.

Glad to see the decanters are back.

Think of it this way. It’s takes less labor & time to put random ones in a box than to pull specific orders. We save money so you save money.

I guess this must be the scene at the Woot warehouse: “Good job, boys - you got all those corkscrews out before lunch, so go home early. Good thing you didn’t have to sort them by color - we might have had to pay you for a full day.”

If that were the only thing being shipped…