Chateau Home Towels, 4 Piece

Chateau Home Towels, 4 Piece

So where are these made?

Fun pro tip - use the fancy lined part to know which end is up so you know which part dried your face and which your butt and nary the two shall meet.


I save my bum for last and do not reuse towels.

That’s not ecologically friendly.

Don’t forget the undercarriage.


Hello. Made in India.

any idea as to how much GSM these are?

I have 5 separate ball towels.
That’s right, not only are they that big but I am a bit of an oddity!

Let’s not even get into razors and/or waxing…YEEEEEEOOOOOOOOW!

Yeah, I have one each for my basketball, baseball, football and rugby ball too

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From the vendor:

the spa towels are 600 GSM, although as I mentioned because of the zero twist properties, they have the loft and feel of 800 GSM towels.

uh huh, until you wash them.