Chateau Meroux Sampler (3)

Chateau Meroux Sampler 3-Pack
$69.99 (Normally $107.00) 35% off List Price
2007 Merlot, Bennett Valley, Sonoma County
2009 Chardonnay, Napa Valley Reserve
2009 Le Mouton Noir Reserve Blend
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Do you guys need a wine.guy to fill in this week? I’m nowhere near as fast as you guys but I could do my best.

I got Mark covering the next 3 nights and hopefully someone else until Saturday but you can be on standby just in case if you like.

D-D-G can be addictive…

We have the 2009 Le Mouton Noir Reserve Blend to taste tomorrow at the SoCal Gathering.

Didn’t get a chance to go down to my wine locker until late this afternoon to pick up the delivery.

We’ll try to post something as soon as possible, but it might not be until 6:30 or 7 pm PT.

Hi woots try tonights offer of Chateau Meroux We have a great three pack.
Bennett valley merlot , gold medal 93 rating
A Napa valley chard , gold medal 92 rating
And we just released the cab/ merlot blend. Crafted by our wine maker Cris Legrandjacques

Thanks for joining. Out of curiosity, could you elaborate on the source of those ratings and medals? Thanks!

Again with the crickets. The offerings here have been on the pricey side of late.

Their 2007 Merlot won a silver at the 2012 SF Chronicle wine tasting in the 20 - 24.99 category. Suggested retail of $23.99.

Mouton Noir also won a silver in the 20 -30 category, list 23.99.

I agree with the thought that recently the average offer is more expensive and I have to say not very good values.

This offer seems to be going for about list price.

What is weird is that their website shows the Merlot to be $39.99 and the Chard at $29.99 (The Cab/Merlot blend isn’t there yet), yet the medals they’ve won have them in the lower price range from the two results I saw.

Wine Searcher shows both only available from them direct, at the prices I quoted. So maybe they priced them low at first, but then once they won the Double Gold at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, they raised their prices?

Chard 92 rating , bev institute gold medal and 91 rating gold medal @ WSWA wine comp. see above notes for other wines

Interestingly, the Merlot won double gold in 2011 SFCWC in the 15 - 20 category listed as a $17.99 wine. They then reentered it the following year one price point up at which point it dropped to a silver.

how do i get the $15 discount?
Chateau Meroux Sampler (3) Coupon code $15 Off $50 purchase sitewide (expires 7/23/12) … Gnekow Family Winery (pronounced “nee-ko”) was founded upon two essential …

Sorry for the delay, but we all got here late.

Basically, nice wine, very little tannins, but no one would buy at $25.

D-dog: dark cherry nose, nice entry, soft middle, & not a long finish. Easy drinking.

Bahwm: not a lot on the nose initially, but opening up after a while. Cherries nose, some pepper on taste

Rjquillen: berry nose

ZTimothyBz: tiny hint of pepper,

Merbill (bill): not objectionable, but oaky. Nicely integrated.

Merbill. (Mer): smooth, loves it. Easy to drink.

MdS: cab nose, nice entry, but soft rest of the way.

I was watching the numbers increment on the stats all day…and my guess is you sold 7 sets.

Yeah, this new site design, pricing, and lack of lab rats* is working super well…

*Thanks to the last minute notes above, but they seemed to just confirm what everybody thought…this wasn’t worth buying.