Chateau Souverain 2003 Syrah Port Duet

Since I was denied a BOC, I came here to drown my sorrows. I got all the way to the ‘buy it’ screen and was denied.

I think I saw this for $40 per bottle on Google earlier, but now I can’t find the link. It is not available on the vineyard’s website and info is scarce. Roll the dice and drown my sorrows.

After being teased with a great Xmas offering, staying up late, and nearly losing out on a B.O.C. to see what it is, I get rewarded with port? I love port, but I was expecting something a little more exciting for the holiday offering. I pass.

Searched on froogle, found it for 14 dollars.

Does anyone have any idea how this compares to “real” Port (i.e. Vinho do Porto, the stuff actually bottled in Portugal)? I can’t find any information about it on their website. That, and the fact that it was only aged 2 years in wood makes me think it’s not even close to the real thing.

That’s the regular Syrah, not the port

What you found is, I believe, for their cabernet.

I can’t find a price for their port…and I’m toooo disappointed from being outWooted for a BOC to price search here.

List price of $40 at Appellation America.

I don’t know a think about California Ports, and I’m not going to sink in $50 to learn about them.

Crap, your right. Can’t believe I missed that.

I see it for $40 a bottle at appellationamerica.

Detailed Wine Information
Acidity: 0.63
Alcohol: 18
Harvest Date: September 11, 2003
Harvest Notes: Brix 26.3
Months in Barrel: 26
Oak: 100% French
Release Date: November 01, 2004
Varietal: Syrah
Year: 2003
Google cache link

I bought one because I haven’t had a port in (literally) a couple of years. I figure it’s worth a taste, at least. If it’s amazing, then go me! If not, then I just spent money I would have used winning the lottery on wine.

EDIT: The side deal also led me to buy 100 cigars and a humidor.

Damn this xmas joy and all it has brought me to buy!

Thanks woot!, for helping me get a humidor and some cigars for it. I’ve been leaning towards this for almost a year now. You helped me make the step. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I didn’t do the side deal. Looks like you’ll get no credits for my buy. :frowning:

well i figure at 2 am on the east coast may as well be the one to pop the price cherry

for posterity:

Chateau Souverain 2003 Syrah Port Duet
$49.99+ $5 shipping
conidition: aged
2 Chateau Souverain 2003 Syrah Port, Alexander Valley

Swing and a miss on this one!!
Don’t get me wrong…Woot has some great deals…but this one…well…while I haven’t actually tried this Port (I have tried several other California Ports from differnt producers and years…)…but I have a strong feeling it’s not like the Vinho do Porto or a Port with any sort of breeding. Personally I’d spend the $50.00 on one bottle of nice Port (lots of great 2003 Ports from Portugal )from a proven producer than these two.

i have a feeling this is going to be the lowest selling wine in the history of wine.woot

Beat me to it! :slight_smile:

I LOVE the Chateau Souverain Cab. I might go in this week if I can find another port drinker; don’t really need 2 bottles, but I’m sure this is worth EVERY PENNY.

port wine is very easy to make from syrah grapes. i have some, cost me about $5 to make. of course, i don’t have to capacity to make 175 cases and sell it on the internet. i make mines in the toilet. he he

Although I am as parched as a desert, interest deserts me on this dessert wine.

I’ll just melt some snow-laden cranberries.

I love port, but I hate syrah with a burning, fiery passion. What to do…

I’m in the same boat … have to pass. Can grab a favorite at the local grocery, market, etc. when I’m ready.