Chaucer's Mead Mixed Case

Chaucer’s Mead Mixed Case
Sold by: Bargetto Winery
$139.99 $228.00 39% off List Price
Chaucer’s Raspberry Mead, 500ml 6-Pack
Chaucer’s Mead, 750ml 6-Pack
Plus Chaucer’s Mulling Spices (2 Per Bottle)


I’ve had a number of Bargetto’s wines (their meads and fruit wines included) and they have always been a crowd pleaser.

138 retail at Total Wine, hard to get excited about a mixed case just above retail. That said, both are quite delicious.

Mead, 10.99 a bottle, raspberry wine 11.99 a bottle.

[MOD: Raspberry wine is not mead. See post below for shipping and quantity.]

Pass on this. Same price at World Market! Come on Woot give us a REAL deal. Pass. Great mead but no bargain.

Unfortunately, it looks like there’s only a handful of states that can buy from that website. But yeah, it’s a shame that this isn’t a better deal.

I also kinda wish Woot was offering an option for fewer bottles. I’m not sure I want 12 bottles of this (admittedly pretty good) stuff.

There are 9 bottles left of the Chaucer’s Mead.

They do not carry the Chaucer Raspberry Mead. Raspberry wine is not the same thing.

It was about $25 to ship the 9 bottles of Mead to one of the midwest states.

This. I LOVE meads, but in my current financial situation, I cannot justify spending $145 on wine, no matter how much I want to. Damned adulthood.

Chaucer’s mead is not good mead. It’s crappy renfaire-grade stuff.

I hope you are enjoying your Monday, today is a perfect day for Mead! Either hot, spiced or cold, spiced… or just straight from the bottle. So many different ways, good thing there are multiple bottles to try many different ways. Let us know your favorite. (In a coffee cup, 1st thing in the morning?) Huzzah!

Actually we only use 100% pure, fresh honey with no artificial flavors or colors to make CHAUCER’S Mead. Sorry it’s not your favorite. Have a great Monday anyways.

Unfortunately, World Market doesn’t carry this year round.

The bottles suggest drinking the wine soon after purchase; how does your wine cellar, and what is the recommended drinking window?

Also, the raspberry mead is a blend between the mead and the raspberry wine, correct?

I don’t often rain on parades, but I have to agree. Got some at a previous Woot, was not a fan.

Pass. Chaucer’s mead is very light and drinkable, which is the complete opposite of what most look for in a good mead. It’s okay for what it is, but I’d barely call it mead.
That said, I would actually buy this if not for all the horrible filler raspberry mead bottles. Blasphemy!

I really like the raspberry, very easy to drink. Everyone I’ve made try it has liked it, even my beer drinking friends. I’ve never had their regular though. I’ve had home made natural flavored mead and liked it.

It’s much more fun just to make your own and extremely inexpensive. A one gallon batch for your first time will be roughly $65 (this includes all equipment, honey, etc.) next batch will only cost you the price of the honey itself. Plus you make how you like your mead. Sweet, dry, spiced, etc.! Yeah, it may take 6 months waiting but it is so worth it!!

We recommend drinking the Mead within 2 year of purchase. It is not fortified, and this ensures the freshest taste.

Yes, the Raspberry Mead is a blend of Mead and Raspberry Wine (about 25% Raspberry Wine).


The honey for this Mead is produced in hives throughout the Sierras. It is composed of a blend of three types of honey: cotton– alfalfa, orange blossom and sage. Each type brings a unique quality to the blend and contributes to the overall complexity of the mead. Alfalfa is neutral in flavor but yields a dark, amber color. The orange blossom brings a floral bouquet to the nose of the wine. Toyon, an evergreen shrub also known as California Holly, is lighter in color than the alfalfa and helps to balance the blend.