Chaucer’s Mead - 4 Pack

Chaucer’s Mead - 4 Pack
$39.95 + $5 shipping
2 Chaucer’s Mead 750 mL
2 Chaucer’s Raspberry Mead 500 mL

Damn you non-Maryland-delivering wine sellers!! (or maybe more appropriately - Damn you Maryland for making needless legislation for wine delivery!!)

this is my response whenever someone tells me he/she doesn’t like wine…

‘it’s likey honey, just better’

How long will this last in my wine fridge?

I gotta wait to pop this baby out in 5 months to start drinking

Really, wine.woot? Will Boone’s Farm be next?

Yummy Stuff. Still have too many bottles left from when the wife and I were in the Bargetto desert wine club though. Bring on the Basalmic!

Apparently not so good. Which is a shame. Because I really want to try mead. :frowning:

Do these come with gift bags?..

Here is the website


Just $2 cheaper than buying from my local Spec’s. :frowning: I do like mead though - huzzah!

A friend and I make mead at home. It can take several YEARS to be good when we make it. I can’t speak for this mead, but I’ve never heard of mead going bad over time.

Christmas gift obtained! Thanks Woot!

Every year I give this to a friend, and every year she starts running dangerously low right around Christmas. She also stores it in her garage, in Florida. I’m thinking that you could tuck a bottle into the engine compartment of your car and it would be fine (as long as it didn’t fall out.)

Man I still have two bottles of this from a wine.woot back in 2007. I never really enjoyed it, it was way too sweet.

Yowza, the garage in Florida? Thanks for the info!

From personal experience, not the best mead, and not the best price.

You can get a bottle of this stuff in CO for 12 bucks.

I’m a little tempted, if only for the name. But does it come with the mulling spices? I’m confused.

I second that! Balsamic, PLEASE :slight_smile:

For you, and anyone else who wants a good mead and thinks maybe this isn’t it, I have a recommendation. White Winter Winery honey mead. Tastes like alcoholic honey, very easy drinking. And the label looks like a wizard with a snowy owl on his shoulder. What more could you want?!

My favorite is La Buena Vida Scarborough Mead made here in Texas. I don’t know if you can get it shipped, but other than homemade I’ve never tasted anything nearly as good. You can find it pretty easily with your search engine.

Just thinking about it makes me want to stop by and get some next time I’m driving by :wink: