Chaucer’s Mead (4)

Chaucer’s Mead - 4 pack

$39.99 + $5 shipping
2 Chaucer’s Mead 750 mL
2 Chaucer’s Raspberry Mead 500 mL
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Mead!? oh yes please!


Raspberry Mead:

Odd…says they can’t ship to WV. Yet, I can go to one of the wine shops in town and buy this very product. Oh well, guess I’ll have to serve up the extra ~$2 per bottle and buy local.

I had way too many reds from when I first started on wine.woot. Mead!? In for 3.

This was universally panned in a previous woot on 1/13/12: Caveat emptor.

At first I was sorry I missed this, but after reading the previous offering of it, I’m glad I didn’t order it. My first experience with mead was some that my sister brought home from Ireland in a lovely stoneware jug (she was stationed in Wales for a time while in the Navy), and it was incredible. My next experience with it was at a Ren Faire, and it was mulled - warm and delicious. I’ve since found some here and there in various liquor stores (that’s the only place NY state allows wine sales), and have had a variety of experiences. None have ever matched the original taste of the imported mead, however. This sounds like it would have terribly disappointed me.