Chaucer's Dessert Wine - 6 Pack

Chaucer’s Dessert Wine - 6 Pack
$59.99 + $5 shipping
2 Chaucer’s Pomegranate Wine
2 Chaucer’s Blackberry Wine
2 Chaucer’s Raspberry Wine
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Having enjoyed the mead offerings from Chaucer in the past (on my old pre-mod account, yes), this looks like a tempting deal to me!

clarifying edit: I know these are for the wines, but given I liked the meads, I probably would enjoy the wines, I suppose. :slight_smile: Still thinking about it.

I think I have had their mead. I liked it pretty well. I’d be in for 1 at least if only it shipped to Maryland.

I find myself buying a lot of dessert wines right before the holiday season… so this is a pretty decent deal if you like ultra-sweet, ultra-fruit dessert wines. Not fancy… and not something I’d serve with an expensive cheese plate…but nice for wine cocktails…etc.

I can’t wait for the FedEx person to drop these off.

My room gets pretty warm.
Are these meads very sensitive to storage temperature?

Well these are actually the wines, so I’m not sure.

This is not mead.

That said, Chaucer’s mead is middling at best, so I’m not inclined to try these even though I LOVE dessert wine.

Last time wine woot offered two sticks of salami that were fantastic. Anyone know if wine woot still has these salami sticks in the rotation?

lol My only complaint is that my FEDEX guy never asks to see my ID. I guess I’m going to have to cover that gray after all. :smiley:

The descriptions says to consume “shortly after purchase”. Anyone have an idea on how much time “shortly” means? Do I have a few months or should I plan a weekend bender?

It is true that Chaucer’s is middling, but the price is great. A passable dessert wine for just under $11 is a good deal in my opinion. Based only on the fact that they make a TRUE mead that tastes acceptable for those on a budget, I would go ahead and try the dessert wine. Worst thing is you end up having to rotate it out after everyone at your dinner party is a bit tipsy and it doesn’t matter.

Totally off-topic, but I’m really hoping for more Racchus… I love the new blend!

I think you are supposed to store mead and wine the same way. Where a consistent temperature is most important to what temperature. You don’t want to store Chaucer’s mead for long though anyway.

Ditto. I enjoy a good honey mead and especially enjoy a good dessert wine but was scared off from getting the Chaucer’s Mead when it was soundly thrashed by Wooters who had tried it previously. Don’t know if I’ve ever seen so many negative comments on a wine.woot selection (other than a few of the non-wine items).

The few CT notes that are available for the Pomegranite wine make this offering look like more of the same.

I’ve gotten some great dessert wines from here though… Hunt Country Ice Wine and Late Harvest Vignoles, Harvest Moon Late Harvest Zin and Ice-Style Gewurz, Peonia Late Harvest Pinot Blanc, the recent Woot Cellars Vinito del Finito Late Harvest Zin and best of all was the Nectar of the Gods that is Kent Rasmussen’s 2006 Esoterica Late Harvest Viognier.





Hm, I’m gonna let this one slide by - 6 bottles is a lot. Now a three-pack, that might have been worth the experimentation…

I thought protocol was to post the size if it was anything besides 750ml. I had to go to the website to find out I think they are 500ml. If so, I’m not happy. Does woot allow order cancellations?