Chaucer's Dessert Wine Four-Pack



Chaucer’s Dessert Wine Four-Pack
$44.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Sweet
2 Chaucer’s Olallieberry Wine (500 mL)
2 Chaucer’s Pomegranate Wine (500 mL)

CellarTracker links above. Note these are links to the “N.V.” versions of these wines since none is listed in the description or visible on the bottle. These links may change if the winery shows up & provides specific vintage information.


Winery Website

The recipes look tasty.


a little forum hick up there. think we are good now.


Way to go SB and kolen for correctly guessing this week’s offer (first half anyway – Ooooh!)


Did the little forum hick play banjo and wear overalls?


this is the same group that does the mead?


Did you catch him? The hick?

Interested in the pomegranate…but I don’t think I need 4 bottles of dessert wine. Sort of on the fence on this one…


Corrado, are you sure that your CT link (to the non-vintage) is correct? The Olallieberry was harvested in Oct '06, and CT says that you should drink the NV between '04 and '05.

Also, is there a vintage for the pomegranate or is it NV as well?


Yes. Raspberry mead too, which I’m interested in trying.


Yes, sure is. I bought the Mead and Raspberry in the woot off and loved them both. I’m really looking forward to tasting the Pomegranate! yum!


Ooooo, Is this heaven?


I’m in for one. Lab rat, maybe?


I think it was the codeslaves suggesting that wine.woot has ‘jumped the shark’ by offering dessert wine (the thread was first observed over @ :slight_smile:


That’s just low…


Funny, I have a recipe for homemade fruit wine that an old professor of mine gave to me. He got it from his grandfather and it works quite well in making sweet homemade country fruit wine out of any fermentable fruit. Anyway, when I was doing my grocery shopping about a month ago, I saw the pomegranates and wondered if they would make a good wine, seeing as I had never seen Pomegranate wine before… Now I get my answer! And I’m sure the Chaucer version is much better than anything I could cook up!


Not entirely, but there is no vintage I could see on the bottles or in the description. I know in some cases, CT users will put in the year they BOUGHT the wine. The drinking window on NV wines is a known shortcoming in CellarTracker; there really shouldn’t be one.


I want to order this one, but where is the PayPal option?


and i’m not even drinking…


First time I read that the “m” in pom looked an awful lot like “rn” (which gave that sentence an entirely different meaning). Either time for an eye exam, time to go to a more ‘grampa’ resolution on the monitor, or time to lay off the Wellington.

(…okay, that’s right-click, properties, Settings tab…)