Chaucer's Dessert Wine - Four Pack

Chaucer’s Dessert Wine - Four Pack
$44.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Dessert
2 750 ml Chaucer’s Mead
2 500 ml Chaucer’s Olallieberry Wine (remember to add as 500ml!)
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I’ve never had mead. What is it comparable to?

How well would these store?

Very very sweet wine… It is not for everyone, but if you like it, you love it.

A diabetic coma.

Just for fun, I will throw in that I have also mixed the mead with some sparkling and it turned into a wonderful summer, mid 80’s day drinking wine with Ice in it… :slight_smile:
I know…Its pathetic right? :slight_smile:

Damn, I so much want to buy this – only I’m in Montana and we don’t allow wine shipped here.

Damn. I love mead.

The mead part (2) was offered before with a raspberry (1) to boot for $40… You can check out the discussion from before there… I’m tempted as I love honey wine!

Not well at all. Both are recommended to be consumed shortly after purchase.

I’m getting these for a friend who loves to mull mead. She drinks a glass a week or less, and the rest stores in the fridge well. She’s never reported that a bottle has spoiled.


oooooooooooh. my book club choice this month was American Gods…the mead would be a nifty beverage to serve when they come over to discuss.

tempted, just for the geek factor.

let the mead sit in ur cellar for a year or two or longer you will be pleasantly suprised

If the mead and olallieberry wine really are 11 and 10 ABV, respectively, then my gut - and considerable experience homebrewing strong meads and ciders - tells me they should age quite well. Splendidly, in fact. Mead usually does take quite some time to age to perfection. So what’s up with this mead?

Ummm, my local grocery store sells this exact Mead, and it’s $13 a bottle.

So, at $45 plus $5 ship… I’m out.

NT woot… failed.

Perhaps I misunderstood the question, but my point was that they aren’t meant to be kept in the cellar for any length of time. That comes directly from the producer - and from the Woot description.

Additionally, here’s some reviews I came across for the Mead.

To me it (the mead) tastes like a very sweet white wine with honey notes. The honey flavor is there but I expected a more bold honey flavor the first time I tried it. I do like it. I’m curious about that other one.

ha ha! perfect description…

Is this identical to the Chaucer’s available in just about every liquor store? The labeling on this is slightly different. I’m not a huge fan of the common store bought version, but have had success with other meads.