Cheap 32 inch tv?

I’m looking for a cheap 32 inch lcd tv I know I can get one from best buy and other places for around $250 but im looking for one for $200. Anyone have any ideas?

I have a Toshiba 32" CRT I’ll sell ya for $100.00.

If you have local auction house near your location I would try there for a cheap home television. There’s a great one near me that has televisions in every week, but be careful to check them properly before committing to buy.

Have you checked Sams or Walmart? Around here they have the best prices. I got a large TV for under $200.00 at Walmart a while back. I had to get the 12 year old next door to install it. I laid a few bucks on him as he is very knowledgeable about electronics and likes to help out.