Cheap-Ass Gifts For Your Kids

toys r us has the puppy car for $10.49.

If you must use vulgarity, please do so correctly. The proper term is “cheap-assed”.

and $6.60 estimated shipping.

I’m seeing it for $14.99.

As much as I LOVE to curse, I was completely taken aback with woot!'s usage of it.

right on!

The Halo Sleepsack says choose your fabric/material but then doesn’t give you an option to do so, what’s up?

Not a deal at the price, avail @ multi locations.

but YouTube of the toy,

Very nice, dude. Tell’em!

Seriously the Elegant Baby baby blanket and toy is totally awesome. I picked two up randomly over the summer for the little ones in my life. I don’t often see the toys I get them frequently on subsequent visits as they tend to get swallowed in the toy room. This has made an appearance and played a major role in every visit for the last 3 months. The blanket gets dragged everywhere and is still super soft. The animal’s arms are pulled and swung and everything you can think of and not a hint of ripping. I highly recommend. BTW I’m talking about a 4 yr old using it.

Does anyone know how to fix this? I’d really like to get it today while I have all day shipping but I don’t want the option that it gives.

Looks like they left some of the photos int there by mistake. The only color available is the Blue Burnout.

Sorry for the confusion. I’ll see if I can get someone to fix that.

I’m gonna have to side with Woot on this one. Cheap-ass is definitely the preferred term.

I sure do want to buy that peace & love backpack & lunch bag for my daughter. I’ve wanted that in the past and now my chance is here. I’m sure the wife will say “no”, though, because my daughter’s pack is still new and we’ve got another brand new one in the closet. I’m gonna ask her, anyway, though, just to see what she says.

Sleep sacks are definitely awesome… both my kids (4 months & 2 months) have them. Helps them sleep well.

For the canvas sets, it says that only Cars 2 is included at the top, but at the bottom it says to pick your design, and both Cars 2 and Toy Story pictures are shown? Would someone mind letting me know what I actually ended up buying for my husband’s niece and nephews (I don’t claim them!) ? The picture led me to believe that I was getting both sets, but now the wording is making me doubt that. Thanks…

The sale was for the Cars 2 set only. The Toy Story photos should have been removed but it looks like they were overlooked. Sorry for the confusion.

Thanks for clarifying - wish I had noticed that yesterday morning instead so that I could buy another one! :slight_smile: