Cheap Microwave tricks


Need - One small Microwave. soon to be useless. Need parents permission too. don’t try this at home. unless you’re a professional arsonist.

In another thread it’s noted that microwaves will dance prettyly over a cd. They do - Place doomed disc in microwave and set to 5 seconds - make sure it’s a dark room. Enjoy cascading lights.

For a more spectacular show - get some fresh green grapes from the store. Slice in half and lay them wet side up in a plate. as close as you can get them without actually touching each other. Fire up Microwave, and wait a sec or two - Bolts of Plasma should start leaping from grape side to grape side - Listen to that Microwave change power levels! WOOT! (yes, I’m serious - we’re talking lightning bolts)

For this, and other lemming approved Home arson tips visit -

'not responsible for home burning down, or explosive plasma induced catastrophes resulting in death or dismemberment.


you could have put this response on the PWA, you know…
Just because you are a fugitive from justice does not mean you can’t post amongst the nice folk…



I have become a misfit, and do not want to upset the whores in the thread that don’t take kindly to me a bein raht here.

tis Better to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven

thankee kindly


well, I post here so I don’t understand why you can’t post there.

Even though you bought the wrong chainsaw.



Lemme splain ma’m, There be some scurrilous folks that post in the whores thread that don’t take kindly to me, so in deference to who they may be, and where they enjoy to play, I stay away so as to keep the peace.

Not that I wouldn’t enjoy a good ole “Hatfields and McCoys” shootout , but for the peace of the thread, and for the sanity of all involved - It’s best I stay in the wild, wild, west, and leave the tame playgrounds to folks that are less tolerant of firebrands kikin’ over the peace pipe , and dancing on the sparks.


The only person I know of who has a problem with you is Pete (big surprise) and he hardly ever comes around any more…
but… if you feel that way, I respect that…
and if you think it will keep the peace, then… thta’s pretty nice.

you don’t mind if I slide over to the misfit side once in a while, do ya??

and you still (Stihl) bought the wrong chainsaw.


sorry Ma’am but Petey isn’t the reason. I stopped postin about him after hearing from the woot overseers. Not in a bad way mind you, they sounded more panicked from my assault than mad.

As for the misfit thread - It’s an open swinging door as far as I see [;)] All’s welcome - but we don’t repair clothing napalmed, exploded, or hire lawyers for people jailed neither…


Have you actually *read * Milton, or just the … uh … Kirk’s Notes version?


Yes, I’ve read Milton - I can also quote from Plato, Socrates, Tolstoy, Rand, Nietzsche, Thoreau, and my personal favorite Dante.

Not that it matters much - nowadays, folks don’t understand an allegory - much less why it has to to do with a cave.


I love Dante as well…“abondon ye hope all who enter”…just a great line, don’t ya think? I would love to hang a sign at the door to my work with that on it.


Actually I started to learn Italian after I got frustrated with the three major translations.

“Under the veil of strange versus” doesn’t have the same flow as “sotto 'l velame de li versi strani” - and I would love to hear all of Dante’s Inferno spoken in classic Italian someday just for the rhythem.


Italian is one of those romance languages, so everything sounds better than english. //wondering what the heck English is exactly???


have to agree - I’m Fluent in Lithuanian

“Ar tu zinai lietuviskai” is way more poetic than “do you understand lithuanian”.

Most of the european languages are like that. Cept for German, too many glottals.


It sounds like we are two separate “gangs.” LOL!

I understand you completely, dream. I felt like a 10th wheel in PW. The relationships there were long-standing and you felt like you weren’t “in” on the joke. Besides other things…

I am content with the freedom. I like that others like yourself and AZG have developed new threads.



Wow . . . this thread quickly ran out of cheap microwave tricks!!!


Ehh - not gonna say another thing aboot it. (that’s my canackian accent added in)

Now, how about a beer and a tuque? We can call anyone negative a hoser and tell em to take off eh?


Breaks down door with guns aimed
so tell me punk, do you feel…oops wrong thread!!![:D]

I hope I’m not the problem ya’ll are refering to in the PWA, let me know what’s up!


//starts snickering

//cruzer sees a tank, a flame thrower, azGman’s shotgun, a chain saw, and KT with a paddle

Do you feel like that guy who tries to knock over a bar, and then find out it’s where all the off duty cops hang out?

//josephus runs in circles around cruzer and covers him with det cord

{nice to see you cruzer}

//holds ears


I picture the misfits as the Time Bandits from the movie of the same name. always in trouble, no matter where they go.

Really, I’m just scared of the whole “post-whore” monicker myself. I worry that we’all are starting the same sort of cliqueish ness too, now. and no, I do NOT think there is a PW clique, more like a group of good friends having their own conversation. who would want to interrupt?

…tosses hand grenade across.

When I was a little kid, I found a hand grenade in the field behind our house. It was quite old, a “pineapple” grenade. I still remember, I was running into the house because it had started to rain. The field had been plowed, and as I got to the edge where the grass started, I looked down for footing, and saw this rusty lump, covered with these little cubes. I was about 8 or 9, I think. I picked it up and kept right on running into the house.

It eventually disappeared. Probably my mom got rid of it; maybe she didn’t approve? It was empty, had no pin or that part. Wish I still had it.


Good Morning…last day of the work week for me. Any big plans (or little plans) for the weekend?