Cheap-Shoes & Cheap-Skates

Pretty much how shoe shopping always goes for me; only thing in my size is a big ugly waterproof boot. :frowning:

Woot just messes with my head. I really want these roller skates. BAD. But they are never in my size, and I can’t find them anywhere else! GRRR.

I got all excited for these then… of course. They are only made in children’s sizes LOL

Right? Very disappointing!

I bought these skates and regretted it. They smelled so bad that i ended up throwing them away. I don’t know if it was the glue or what but it was unbearable. And they didn’t really roll very smoothly.

Thats the smell of real leather boots. This American company sells professional skates in the $500 range. I have a pair of these I bought earlier and they are an awesome set of boots. I felt they were the best buy I ever made on woot. You should have tried selling your boots…

I bought the skates for my niece last time, turned out not to roll so well for some reason. Didn’t work out for me. The ‘skate pro’ at the rink said they were good for “skating on the sidewalk,” whatever that means. Didn’t work out for us, it was disappointing. Sooo, I’ve got a woman’s size 9 with low mileage if anyone is interested.

Itasca Men’s Ghost Lake 200g Thinsulate Mossy Oak Boots

I can vouch for these boots holding up pretty good under all kinds of conditions. Im a land surveyor and find myself in some pretty ruff places where these bad boys come in handy. I have wore them for about 2 months now and haven’t found anything bad about them. I wear a size 12 tennis shoe and these are 12’s so size is the same. All and all well worth the $30.