Cheapskate Crate

Looking at the picture, looks like the cheapskate crate contains one shirt, a beanie (or perhaps one of those crappy Dots candies), a keychain, some trading cards, a pog, a silhouette of granny with her hair in a bun, and a wood router.

Ha, in for one wood router!

That’s AWESOME! I was just going to Lowes to get a router. Now I won’t have to!

Not for nothing. But given past Wootisms, shouldn’t this be the “Cheapscrate?”

I’m inaugurating the term “BOS”.


I waited 2 weeks for this!?! Never wasting my money on anything else from Woot! I got a T-shirt, beanie, cardboard coaster, 3 Woot shirt cards, and a stupid sticker. $15 my ass!!! Not even worth $8. Total ripoff.

Woot did say “These exclusive crates contain fun stuff that is worth about what you pay for it (or a little more). Each crate contains similar stuff. Check the details for each option to find out what kind of cool junk you’ll get.”

I have to put the blame on the consumer if anything more was expected.

Perhaps Todd was expecting a wood router and/or a wood crate…

Awwwww. My grammar lesson got censored.

Nah. It was the other post and yours was a reply to it.

Name calling is so out of vogue.

Yeah, I know, but I wasn’t offended. Besides, we haven’t had a good grammar diverted discussion in a while.

My crate just arrived yesterday. The extra goodies were really nice, loved the pin, the cards, the beanie but the shirt… the shirt… the main reason I got the crate. I am so disappointed.

I know there is an element of risk buying crates, the “mystery” aspect is half the fun. Really I stand by shirt.woot as a brand and I like 99% of the designs they print but…

Whoever thought “Burn the Children” was an appropriate message for this mystery crate needs to be fired. If anything needs to be burned it is this shirt. It is tasteless, uncreative, and holds no artistic merit. It was a waste of the AA blank it was printed on.

The shirt was in very poor taste. I am so disappointed.

I can’t believe I actually considered joining the “Shirt of the Month” club at one point. After this ‘mystery shirt’ experience I say definitely avoid.

I got a Krampus themed shirt so I’m actually very satisfied! :slight_smile:

Judging from the shirt I and other received, you read the shirt wrong.

I think I was mostly disappointed because I purchased three for different family members. Expecting each crate to be slightly different, different shirts, different pins, different beanies. Nope. Each box contained the exact same items. Just different shirt sizes.

Also, arrived extremely late. So wasn’t able to gift for Christmas.

I guess I’ve learned my lesson.