Cheapskate Crate

My crate just arrived to day. The extra goodies were really nice, loved the pin, the cards, the hoodie but the shirt… the shirt… the main reason I got the crate. I am so disappointed.

I know there is an element of risk buying crates, the “mystery” aspect is half the fun. Really I stand by shirt.woot as a brand and I like 99% of the designs they print but…

Whoever thought “Burn the Children” was an appropriate message for this mystery crate needs to be fired. If anything needs to be burned it is this shirt. It is tasteless, uncreative, and holds no artistic merit. It was a waste of the AA blank it was printed on.

The shirt was in very poor taste. I am so disappointed.

I can’t believe I actually considered joining the “Shirt of the Month” club at one point. After this ‘mystery shirt’ experience I say definitely avoid.