What!? No pink drum and shades?

Thumbs down. The bunny would be using batteries that are silver with black on top.

It keeps going, and go … OOPS, not anymore!

HAHAHA! Good catch, indeed. I was just thinking “man, that’s harsh.”

Shoot. I saw “Cheater” as the shirt title and was expecting a shirt with Joey Greco on it.

The…Duracell bunny??

Just need a little bass drum laying on the ground, but maybe that would be too close to trademark infringement.

Just in case you need a bit of help with the reference:The original Energizer Bunny commercial.

Aw yeah! Congrats - well deserved, Nacho!

I will add to the question:
How many people will notice the difference between the duracell batteries that are pictured and the energizer batteries from the refrenced commercial?

Maybe the “cheater” reference is to the Energizer bunny using Duracell batteries. :slight_smile:

I’m so confused now. So was it the bunny that was cheating by using Duracells? Karma, I guess.

Duracell? really?

Technically the Duracell Bunny predates the Energizer Bunny, but I doubt that was the reference that was intended here. Plus I don’t even think the Duracell Bunny claims to run on Duracell batteries, it’s just a “normal” bunny that acts as a mascot.

I like how all the little stories in the writeup are referenced from real Aesop fables… even if they ended up contorted a bit.

Awww I would buy this if it were the Energizer Bunny…but I don’t feel like explaining to folks that yes, those are Duracell batteries…“yes, still funny but yes, it would be better with energizer batteries.” “No, I’m not sure why they are duracell” “hold on, let me find another shirt to wear”

Bunny Fail on a great concept.

I’m impressed at how long the race between the tortoise and the hare has turned out to be, and how many twists and style variations it wanders through. Another able addition to the legend.

It is a shirt…no one should have to think that hard over it.

Turtle soup?