Check out sweet swords at King of Swords!


Want some sweet new swords? How about a new dagger? Well check out King of Swords! They have everything from Medieval Swords to Final Fantasy Swords! Everything at King of Swords is high quality, but is sold at low cost! Get great sturdy swords for all occasions, decoration or whatever you choose to do with them! King of Swords has swords for all from unique handmade swords, to video game swords, to movie replicas, and even more! So don’t waste anymore time, hop on over to King of Swords and keep adding to that sword collection! Aren’t a sword collector? Well now is a great time to start!

See you there!


You weren’t there!
You said you would be but you weren’t.
Some friend you are…
walks away mad


Me thinks the “functional” gunblade is not so functional.

Hmmmm, sounds interesting.
Are they flame tempered blades?


Don’t believe King of Swords. He personally, or has cronies do it for him, posts “Wow, cool King of Swords, check him out!” in forums across the net.

The reality is that King of Swords is a cheap imitation of a real business. I ordered a sword from them, and they charged me immediately for the sword, including shipping. After a week or so of the status of my order showing as “approved” I started trying to find someone at King of Swords who could give me information about when my order would be completed. Over the next week, I left, I think 3 voice mails, and sent emails or posts to every contact point I could find for KOS, asking for a status update on my order - it has been two weeks, are you going to ship? He continued to ignore every attempt I made to contact him.

His eventual response was to say that “per your request I have canceled your order and will issue a refund” - that was an easier answer for him than simply telling me when it would ship? (And, yes, he did mis-spell “canceled”). After another month or so of nagging him, I eventually got an email saying he would “turn over my request for a refund to his accounting department”. I can only assume that would mean to his Mom. 10 weeks after my order, and he has not issued a refund - nor communicated with me in any meaningful way. I had to spend my own time dealing with my credit card company to get them to reverse the Weasel of Swords’ fraudulent charges

Do not trust WOS or anything they sell.


not to be a stickler, but how did he misspell “canceled”? both canceled and cancelled are correct according to the American Heritage Dictionary.

strikes me as spam, though (even though the poster has purchased at least 3 woots). we don’t like spam.


Mr. Qubed,
I like spam. It’s Shoulder of Pork and hAM!


Hey, “spam” is an “S”-word. Do they sell spam at King of S-words?


if they don’t, it’s clearly more reason not to trust them!


oh, i have no problem with SPAM, just spam


Errr…no thanks. See you in the papers, dude.



and to think, all this came up because some visitor necroposted his complaint