Check Out the Chrome on These 'Books

Even the Celeron-equipped Dell Chromebook 11 is STILL a very capable Chromebook with great reviews. It even comes with a 1-year warranty from Dell!

I already have a shareable cellular plan with Verizon - would the Asus Verizon LTE Chromebook be able to share my data allowance? Could I just go to Verizon and get a SIM card for it, or would I need to get that from Asus? Thanks!

I am not impressed with the amount of chrome on these chromebooks. I want a black one with chrome trim, I think that would look nice. I might settle for a white one with chrome trim, because it would match my truck. So Dell, Asus, whoever-else, more chrome please.

Super tempted to get the refurbished Dell Chromebook 11 i3 …

Few questions:

  • Does anyone have experience using this machine? How do you like it?
  • As this is listed as “factory refurbished,” does that mean that Dell refurbished it?
  • Does the machine come with a certification that it was tested and meets the standard performance requirements?
  • Is it shipped from Dell? If not, who are the middle-men?

Thanks for the help! Have not bought a laptop off of woot before (or anywhere other than the manufacture’s site), so wanted to be sure the process is smooth.

I’m thinking about the Dell Chromebook 11 with i3 processor and Woot! has 2 listed on the event page, one for $259, one for $279.

I have a couple of issues:

  1. I’ve checked the specs on each page and I’ll be darned if I can find anything that would warrant a $20 price difference. Unless the $279 one can help me create Word docs and make tomato soup, I’m not feelin’ it.

  2. They each declare “Ethernet: No,” but under ports they each list 1 RJ-45 jack. That’s… Ethernet. I know it doesn’t have it (I do understand if you need Ethernet, you can use a USB to Ethernet adapter) but it should say zero under RJ-45 ports.

Since I have a couple more days, I’ll decide one way or the other before that, obviously. I think it’s odd that Woot! would duplicate the listings. I know they screw up all the time, that’s human, but unless the higher priced one is LTE (which I would pay 20 clams extra for) I’m getting the $259 one.

Cheap Dell = refurb
+$20 Dell = new

The extra $20 gets you a new i3 chromebook, or to put it another way: the refurbished one costs $20 less. Note that there is only wifi – no RJ45 ethernet port. Dell misprinted the specs originally, and it sometimes still gets listed. If you require a wired ethernet connection, you’ll need to use an external USB dongle which isn’t included. Note that the Dell chromebooks have (small, quiet) fans in both the i3 and Celeron 2955U models.

I love my Chromebook, but my next one has to have full HD (at least).

This was good to know. Also, I pointed out in my original post that there was no RJ-45 Ethernet jack and to get that you’d have spring for a USB to Ethernet adapter. I didn’t check back until 2 hours before the event ended, so I opted for the new rather than the refurbished option.

Amazon is selling the i3 model new for $355, and not offered by Amazon Prime, so this was a great find, even if I had to pay $20 more. I am not scared to purchase refurbs, and in fact, all of the ones I have bought from Woot! have worked fine and are still working. I know only the admins are reading this, but this was a great, nail biter of an event for me, as I thought the Dells would be gone first. I should’ve counted on the power of the lowest common denominator.