Check Your Speck

We hear a lot about cases and wraps, but let’s hear about those bags. Anyone?

I’m reminded of that commercial “It’s a European shoulder bag…it was a gift”. (nods head towards wife)

OK Fine! My friend just got a tablet and thought it would be cool to have a holster type carrier for it. (Absolutely nothing that could even remotely resemble a “manbag” would be acceptable. I thought I found it until you made that comment. THANKS ALOT! :slight_smile:

exactly, but they are really good!!!

couldn’t resist.

Okay, I’ll budge a little. I think a guy could pull off the Fly 10 but not the A-Line 10.

I found a fairly detailed review of the Corepack 10 that says it transforms into a lap desk.

these are very nice, works great
makes for a great gift!