Cheddar Power



This is grate.


Love this!

A little awkward if you think about that their sensei is a rat…


I guess we can assume these guys aren’t all that into pizza.


Pretty gouda, but I’ve seen cheddar.


sings cheddar on a cracker… cheddar power!


I just laughed my (cheese)hat covered head off!


congrats nblottie!

[insert pun]


When the evil Shredder attacks, these cheddar boys don’t cut him no slack!


heros in a half wedge


I like the little things on this one, like the slight imperfections on the cheese, or the few red-colored bricks in the background.

Those tiny subtleties help turn a good idea into a great design. Congrats, Nblottie!


A little cheesy, but it’s a win for me :wink:


I bought the one from last year with the 4 turtles playing in the ooze, I had to buy this shirt to go with it.

Love it.


It doesn’t seem fair for Mr. Shredder to go after the little Babybels. Pick on someone your own size, like a solid block of Colby or something.

Babybel power!


I love this so very much! Along with several good friends…who all made woot accounts just to buy it. This is amazing work!


Turn up the heat! Oh wait, don’t do that.


So I assume the Shredder’s henchmen are Brie-bop and Pepperjacksteady?


Heck yeah repping the 32935. PODUNK for the win!!

Shirt purchased.



Mutant Cheese - schweet!


Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Edams!