Cheeky Gentleman Grey Solid Grooming Kit

Is this kit TSA compliant? Can I get it through security with that long-ish nail file?

From what I could gather from the TSA site, they don’t care how long the nail file is, they’re allowed. Other “tools” have to be below 7", and the kit itself is 6" total, so you should be fine.

Just don’t bring any pudding with you.

Huh. They’ve taken away our nail files and even a set of nail clippers that had a built in file, along with travel chopsticks (both our wooden and metal ones, both are about finger length when not connected for storage), amongst many other things. Then again, TSA and US customs typically ask us (mid conversation, in English, US passport in hand - it’s happened more than a few times), if we speak English before taking us aside for additional screening. I guess they just hate us lol (even had one agent take out a pocket knife to slice open all our sealed cans of Pringles, claiming we may be smuggling things inside of them).