Cheeseburger Cat

So fluffy! And now all your fur is on my cheeseburger too!

Also, yay


Awwwww…Fuzzy Wuzzy kitty on a cheeseburger… Yes I think he should haz it. (I didn’t want fur on my burger anyway… lol)

Congratulations on your 1st place win, Yazmoq! :slight_smile:

Irresistible eyes, take the fries too

OMG I do not need another shirt, thank you, but I stand powerless before this one. Can has, I say. Can has.

A motht detherving win! Congrath…Congrath…

ptew ptew ptew

(sorry, had to spit out a cat-hair)

What I was trying to say was that this is a Most Deserving Win. Congratulations!

The ICHC cat was posted nearly 10 years ago. Now everyone feels old. You’re welcome. :^)

STUPID … so many shirts like these are the reason I never buy when Woot is selling the shirt grab bag (???)

It’s not as bad as hearing the songs from my early college years on the oldies station.

Did you vote? This design was chosen by Wooters --it’s what they want. And if you have other ideas, vote!

Holy Cow (eeer, or is that Cat?!?) Agreed. Pretty derned irresistible.

I definitely spoke too soon when I pointed out that there were no cats in the fog.

Reminds a previous icanhascheezburger shirt.

Thank you so much everyone. For the votes, the comments and the print. Probably the most unexpected news I’ve received in a very long time. You guys are great! =]

Congrats yazmoq! New McDonald’s mascot now that Ronald has gone into hiding?

Someone get that cat a cheeseburger!

He can have mine

Ha! Yeah, you jinxed it.

“can haz”
I don’t get it.

This Link might help.

Thank you. While I still don’t (totally) get it, I now know WHY I don’t.

Thank you again.

OMG that awesome! I wish I had thought of it. My last black cat had yellow eyes though…its funny and cool and a bit disturbing especially because I have cats. Now just make something similar with a long-haired doxie so I can have a series, and he won;t feel left out. Kittens are cuts, but a doxie in begging mode is truly SCARY!