Chef's Banquet ARK 330 Emergency Food Supply

4.6 Stars at Overstock

How many servings per pouch?
I open one, how long does it then last?

Woot woot!
$100 for $9 worth of oatmeal and instant potato pouches.
What. A. Deal!

Looks like 330 servings/10 pouches = 33.

The Features also call out zip-seal pouches to help retain shelf life.

The description is hilarious. I prefer to get that than the real emergency food supply. Haha.

Costco has a different kit but the same brand with a 4.8 star rating. It also includes a swell video of someone just casually making oatmeal.

Costco ARK 390

The world could be ending in that video, but that woman has accepted it and is enjoying the time she has left making oatmeal.

Food bucket.

That moment when Woot! can no longer ship items to arrive before Christmas.

Yep…FedEx, when it absolutely positively has to be there damaged, late, and sitting in the rain…if it arrives at all. LOL

Seems a little pricey for what is basically oatmeal and Ramen noodles. A real emergency food supply would include protein this is just a starch overload with meat flavor in a few items. Not worth the price when you could buy the same things in the store and they would keep for years as well with no fancy storage bag.

check out Augason Farms.

Do they sell those garnishes separately, or when I make these will they all just basically look like bowls full of mush?

If you still have running water, electricity and natural/propane gas service, like the woman in the video, you may want to rethink opening up one of these buckets.

Gee, you could leave emergency food out for Santa instead of those darned cookies…if it got here in time…poor Santa.

What’s with all the emergency food buckets on Woot, lately? Preparing for a possible Trump win or something? :stuck_out_tongue:

And if Sanders wins, everybody will get a fair share of food buckets. lol

A big, plastic bucket full of “food” labelled as “Chef’s Banquet” is ROFL-grade funny.

check out for opinion on this type of food storage.

What is the nutritional content i.e. sodium content?