Chef's Banquet ARK 330 Emergency Food Supply

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Chef’s Banquet ARK 330 Emergency Food Supply
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Overstock Reviews

I bought one of these last year, and it is still sitting the ready to be used, as far as I can tell.

I like the emergency toads more. Mmmmmm…tasty.

Like a lot of these things marketed to people who don’t know a lot about long term food storage, it is filled with cheap calories, and is very unbalanced. It relies on cheap carbs and had no meat, few veggies fruits.

This is an important point. It will help keep you from starving to death, yes - but it would be wise to have some additional nutrition on hand.

That said, 30 days of food for $100 is not bad at all, even if it is not top notch nutrition.

Will anyone attest to the validity of the statement that for each serving, 1 cup of water (8 oz.) is required? If I’m interpreting the fact that 330 servings is 30 days worth of food, that’s 11 “servings” per day or 3 and two-thirds servings assuming you split them evenly and eat 3 meals each day. So to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I’ll need 88 ounces of water per day (just for food)? This equates to 20+ gallons of water needed for the month just to re-hydrate the entire bucket.

Excellent point sir. Most tempted to buy this probably don’t have reserve water stores, myself included. In the event of a natural disaster water would be a much better item to have a backup of.

I know I could live 30 days off my fat storage.

I’m assuming you’ll be ingesting the water with the food- so at least the water isn’t wasted!

I can’t imagine a realistic scenario where I would have to feed myself like this for 30 days.
I do keep a good supply of foods around that last and are ready to eat such as peanut butter, honey and canned goods, cans of nuts etc. I also try to keep a good supply of bottled water around as well.
We lost electric for a few days several years ago and that stuff was like gold because some of the grocery stores had to close.

Agree but I’m probably getting one bucket for my family of 5. It would last a few days if we really can’t get food or power…