Chef's Banquet ARK 330 Emergency Food Supply

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Chef’s Banquet ARK 330 Emergency Food Supply
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Vendor confirms:
Manufacture date for this stock is March 2016.

It says chicken and beef “flavored” vegetable dishes. Are these vegetarian friendly? Or do vegetarians not get to survive the zombie apocalypse?

Write up mentions fruit and drink for each meal. These are not listed in list of contents. Which is correct?

Here are the ingredients. I don’t see meat specifically listed, but you can decide if you wanna eat those things. :slight_smile:

4.6 Stars at Overstock

If you are SODIUM in-tolerant, just be aware that you will get a daily required amount in a few mouthfuls… well, maybe it will take a bag or two to reach that goal of putting you down but beware.

If you have NEVER ate anything like this, do yourself a favor and go to walmart and pick up a couple of mountain House meals. Normally, there is 2.5 servings per bag. You can get single servings but for some reason, these are hard to find unless you go to REI, Gander Mountain, Bass pro shop or just get them online. The make some decent breakfast ones too if you want to cover wide spectrum of meals. But if you can eat speggatie and meat sauce or mac-n-cheese 3 times a day, go for it. And DO NOT FORGET to stock up on water. If you stash 3 days worth of meals in your basement, stash a few gallons of water and a way to boil it. These things just don’t magically inflate when it’s time to eat. I like those 4oz emergency water pouches. They can handle high heat and freezing temps without issues and they have a safe shelf life of 5 years and easy to pack. Other than that, buy those gallon jugs at your local Kroger. Just don’t forget to rotate these jugs every year or so to stay safe.

Stocking up is highly recommended is Trump becomes president.

I, like all of you, am absolutely SHOCKED that the powers that be have not yet tagged this as a “quality post”.

Re: “Always be prepared.” list…

Should have led with

  • One really big bottle of Jack

On second thought, just need

  • One really big bottle of Jack

One of the previous sales was for the “other” survival kit; gun, knife, rope,… Can we get a combo kit? :wink:

Um, mayhaps because it should have said IF Trump becomes president…

Funny thing, typing…it allows you to read what you’ve written before you hit the “send” button…

A garden and a cellar is a much better version of this.

I hate to say this, but go back to grammer school so you can craft a decent post.
Just sayin’
and I do thank you for your service.

…uhhh - would that be ‘GRAMMAR’? (kinda like the pot calling the kettle black, don’t you think?)