Chef Curtis Stone Cooking

wootbot Says
Sure, they kinda look like Slinkies, but they’re not nearly as much fun to toss down the stairs. In every other way, though, they’re provably more useful.

Probably is Spelled Wrong.

Clearly I’m out of touch, because I don’t even know who this guy is. However, that pepper grinder looks cool. Anyone know how well it works?

The presentation rings are acrylic, not PVC, so you shouldn’t have to worry about Bisphenol-A getting into your lovely guacamole disc.

Does it include recipes or suggestions? And shouldn’t each have a tamper to fit the opening to unmold it perfectly? Must be a better set out there…somewhere.

Ah! I’ve worked it out - you’re referring to the “presentation rings” that are really just cylindrical molds, a.k.a. hollow tubes.

And you would like a silicon tamper that is as wide as each tube so that you can press out the finished layered product perfectly, like some sort of injection molding. The problem is that if it sticks to the acrylic so much that you need such a big tamper, then it will also stick to the tamper…

So, the short answer is you shouldn’t be loading these things with anything that sticky, which makes me much less intrigued by the whole thing in the first place. What we need is a transparent non-stick coating… Oh wait, that would probably be lethal. Sigh.

That stainless steel pestle/mortar set looks great. Wish it weren’t so pricey, though. There’s a porcelain version on Amazon for $40 and a ceramic version (which probably has the best grinding properties anyway, but will be a fiend to clean) for $70.

…c’mon guys… lately it’s like no one is proofreading over there. Are you writing too many literary points of view these days?

You could use non-stick spray, but then you’d end up with a little oil on the outside of your polenta tower or whatever you make with it.

I’m still tempted.

Ooooooo I like you! For me,guess those empty tuna cans will have to suffice.

With no what?

Um, where’s the ridiculously large button I can click to buy Chef Curtis Stone???

Darn it.

Only three of these items aren’t toxic :frowning:

I was hoping to find the same thing!

If I buy these, Curtis will crash my kitchen so I can be on tv and change clothes into something slutty, right?

I’m in for 3 if that’s the case. Then I’ll make a new name and get 3 more.

Go get changed and I’ll crash your kitchen- and I CAN give Curtis a run-for-the-money.

No, but if you play your cards right, a stoned UPS guy named Curtis will bring you the package. Slutty outfits are always appreciated.