Chefman Coffee Grinder

Chefman Coffee Grinder


Got 1 on the app. Sold out in less than 2 minutes.

1 to 2 minutes lol. i clicked on the coffee grinder 2 seconds after it listed for $1 and it sold out lol patience room, yeah ok lol


I dislike this game. The vestibule sucks

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Too soon for this then?

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Quicker than yesterday’s.

Got one!!! Was logged out after selecting it…logged in…into the VOB…kept refreshing the app screen…got sent to checkout, but all sold out…kept refreshing that screen…and low and behold it suddenly turned yellow on the checkout button and I snagged a coffee grinder for a buck! So, the moral of this story is…never give up with Woot! :slightly_smiling_face: