Chefman Electric Meat & Food Slicer

Chefman Electric Meat & Food Slicer

This is only $2 cheaper than the normal Amazon price, and Amazon had it for $5 less a month and a half ago.

I’d be interested in a deal on a good slicer, but based on the reviews and price history this one isn’t it for me.

** Round Blade Shape*
Phew! I’m glad it’s not the triangle blade shape, that was a tough slicer to use!

** Thickness ranges from deli thin to to extra thick, 0-15mm*
0mm? Talk about low-calorie slices!


They’re actually specialty blades:

Yeah, not for slicing meat…

This is for the stainless steel one which is listed at $85 on Amazon whereas the Black one is listed at $69.99.

This is one of those items that I only want for the sheer shock value when family/friends are over for the holidays

Who is slicing the ham

Me: whips out giant deli slicer


You laugh, but I just ordered a 10" Beswood on Prime day so I can do jerky and charcuterie after we had a huge leg of prosciutto (that I ordered from here, ironically) go bad due to lack of ability to slice it thin enough


I don’t have this model but I have one very similar and the only problem with it is the vertical back plate the meat sits against. It is not well supported so when you put any pressure against the meat to get it flush so it cuts well the back plate flexes causing the thickness to change. Pro models brace the plate so it won’t move. If mine broke I would get something more durable like a weston. Much more expensive of course but when dealing with meat that is $30-40 a lb it is worth it.