Chef'n Gadgets

Has anyone here tried the shrimp de-veiner or the garlic peeler? If so, were they easy to use and did they do a good job?

Shrimp: Ignore it or use your fingers.

Garlic: Get a knife (a chef’s knife, not a little paring knife), cut off both ends of the garlic, use the flat of the knife and press down just hard enough to crack the peel, and pull it off.

The only thing more useless sounding on that list than those two tools is the banana slicer. Unless you are catering where you need to de-vein shrimp or peel garlic by the hundreds, there is no need to waste money and drawer space on tools to do those simple tasks.

Thank you! I knew the garlic trick with the knife but just felt compelled to ask anyway.

Still hoping for

Yaaaas. Or just food.woot <3