Chef's Choice 663 Professional Electric Slicer

Chef's Choice 663 Professional Electric Slicer

Anyone familiar if this is a quality meat slicer?

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Chef’s Choice is part of Edgecraft (the knife sharpener makers) and also the group that includes WestBend, Excalibur, and Omega and some other “brands” of kitchen products.
This is Chef’s Choice top of the line slicer for 8" (nominal) blade size. The only one higher is the model 672, which is nearly identical to this but has a 10" (22cm) blade. Both of these have a “pro” style travers system and 1/3 hp motors. Their work carriages are oversize compared to your average sportsman’s or consumer level slicer.
These sell every day for about $385-399, so that should tell you something. I have been using a model 610 (discontinued at least 8 years ago) for over 10 years. It’s motor is only half the wattage of the 663, and the blade is only 7" yet I have been quite happy with it all this time. At the price that Woot is getting for these, if I had the space I would buy several, figuring on re-selling them.
If you go to the mfr’s website it lists maximum slice thickness as 1", not 5/8" and I believe tthat is probably correct. Some of the smaller slicers (like mine) are listed as 5/8" max but actually go bigger. The real trick is how thin a slice they can make and still slice all the way across the product (i.e. actually slice rather than making “chips”).

I have an much older model edge craft. mostly plastic shell…works good BUT has a fuse and it blows…The company will not sell me replacement. I have had to write and they ship free, but a hassle. If I slice a block of cheese…it has to be exact room temp or fuse will blow. I do not see this appliance lists a fuse? Thank Jar of Knowledge. I am going to purchase one this morning.

Like JarOfKnowledge I also own and use the 610, and I have really enjoyed it. The 610, when I got it, only came with a serrated blade, so I had to get a smooth blade because it just tore up meat. I would recommend the 610 to anyone, and it was about the same price as Woot is offering this one. As I haven’t used this one, I can’t say anything to it for sure, but I would still to this day recommend the 610 from Chef’s Choice and this one looks like a HUGE improvement from it. I am on a tight budget crunch for the holidays but this is still a really tempting offer even though I already have one.

@ThunderThighs Does this one for sure come with the smooth blade as pictured?

Sure would be nice to be able to get a shot at these without logging in before 07:00 ET.
You can be sure these will be showing up on eBay any day now.