Chef'sChoice 615A Electric Meat Slicer

Chef'sChoice 615A Electric Meat Slicer

The problem for me being that I don’t have any electric meat for this thing to slice.
What happens if I try to put non-electric meat through it to be sliced?

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Only 120 Watts?
I was somewhat interested until I read that also!
120 volts maybe? Something’s lost maybe, in translation? Doesn’t anyone proof read, product descriptions of what Your trying to sell?!?
Doesn’t anyone care about the Consumer anymore?!? No, not interested anymore! Not until important information is discribed properly! There’s still People on this End, People! Or are you trying to sell boxes with No contents?!?

Kramer got his for $50.

Settle down, chuckles. They’re reporting what the manufacturer says. “120 watts”.

Hey now Sport, boxes still have something in them, at least here on Earth. Have you ever heard of air? Are you familiar with basic aerology?

I have owned a couple of these over the years. They are useful, if you are into charcuterie or have a need to very thinly and accurately slice something.

There are a couple of weak spots for this type of slicer in my experience. The most annoying is that the slide will begin to stick after a time. The slide mechanism is just a sleeve bearing on a rod, which sticks and shutters, if not kept properly lubricated with a food grade grease made for that purpose. And even then it is likely to give problems.

A second issue is keeping the unit clean and making sure that you do not damage the small plastic blade/food separator which is located behind the blade, when you remove the blade for cleaning. Believe me, you will need to remove the blade from time to time as food will collect behind it.

A third issue is you are limited in the size of what you can slice. Large pieces of meat such as a ham will not fit the small diameter blade, and the unit does poorly on cheese in general.

A fourth and killer issue is that the cheap sleeve bearing electric motor will fail, if you use this unit much.

With these caveats, then these units are good for light duty and limited use. After the second unit of which this offering is representative failed, I bought a used commercial grade meat slicer off a well known on-line auction site. I use it a lot.


This thing scares me. I would not want an angry wife in possession of this !