Chehalem Oregon Gamay Noir Mixed (4)

Chehalem Oregon Gamay Noir Mixed Vintage 4-Pack
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2011 Gamay Noir, Ridgecrest Vineyards, Ribbon Ridge, Oregon
2015 Gamay Noir, Ridgecrest Vineyards, Ribbon Ridge, Oregon

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Sounds cool, one cool weather vintage and one is pretty warm.

Should I buy this for my Gamay for Christmas?

Are the vintage notes for the 2015 for Pinot noir? I’m not too familiar with Gamay, is it comparable to Pinot noir? Some of the best Pinot I’ve had in my life is from the chehalem mntns

Here’s a good read-

Not really relevant, but right now I live in Chehalem/Newberg and you could stand pretty much anywhere and throw a rock and that rock would hit a vineyard/winery/tasting room. People love to come here, stay at one of the Bed and Breakfasts and go on wine tours for the weekend.

Anybody know about these particular wines?
Just finished my cellar. It can hold about 220 bottles. It looks empty at this point.

So have you made plans yet to knock out a wall for your cellar expansion? :wink:


The last Pinot Noir offer from Chehalem was fantastic! In for one on the strength of that alone! Cheers!!

LOL…I thought the same thing!! Wonder what his cellar dimensions are? I’d have to at least X 4.

What are the drinking windows for these two beauties?


^ This. Remember that if you stack wine cases two-high they make great chairs :wink:

Where are the rats? I like Beaujolais and it seems like OR would be a good place to grow Gamay.

Agreed, pretty interesting pack here get to try a really cool classic vintage and a really hot vintage.

Edit: Whoops guess I should have just said ditto to CruelMelody

I remember those days … actually I am not sure I do …

yea, Chehalem is a great partner for us.

Oh, so true.
How could one need more than 500~1000 bottle storage capacity cellar?