Chemical Guys Foam Cannon Shampoo Kit

Chemical Guys Foam Cannon Shampoo Kit

Bought the foam canon set up because it was much better than a couple other ones I had bought and the bottle is cracked, deformed within first week.

That sounds like there was a pressure release not opened?

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I have this and cracked the bottle neck by over tightening. Completely my own fault. There is a gasket in the base of the nozzle so the bottle only needs to be tight enough to be snug against the gasket. There is no need to torque it down.

My nozzle is going on two years with a 1 year old replacement bottle.

I use mine with a 2000 psi electric pressure washer.

Edit - Correction - Had a closer look at mine. There isn’t a gasket, but there still shouldn’t be a need to torque down the bottle to the base. Just needs to be snug.

The valve on top controls the soap/water mix. Soap gets sucked up into the water stream and ends up empty. As far as I can tell there is no way to pressurize the bottle.

Edit - Just had a closer look at mine. There is fitting in the base where the tube connects that sucks the soap up into the cannon. Next to it there is a tiny pinhole to allow air into the bottle. It should not be possible to pressurize or get a vacuum in the bottle so long as that hole isn’t blocked.

Will also add I have not tried the Mr Pink soap. I use the green “Snow Foam”. I fill up to the 900 mark with hot tap water and then add the soap to the 1000 mark.

Well crap. I’m outta ideas.

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Something else I recommend.

If you look at the photos you see the tech using the cannon on the end of the pressure washer wand attached to a long/standard trigger gun. Notice how they are having to extend their arms to get the top of the vehicle. They are also having to support the wand while spraying level.

I found the setup like that to be cumbersome and put strain on my shoulders.

I removed the wand and put a quick connect directly on my pressure washer trigger gun. This brings the weight of the cannon closer to the body and makes it more comfortable to use. I also work in a tight carport. Removing the wand allows to me work closer to the car.

I also put a quick connect on the wand so I can reattach it for other jobs.

Edit - Alternatively I have seen “short” guns. I’m just using what came with my washer.

Wish I could say that was the case. Always running off pressure washer w pausing for any amount of time and no need to lock down the cannon. If that were the case I would not even brought it up

No need to over tighten it shuts up just fine

Use the canon just like you have-no extension. Just more of a hassle w extension except washing

I like mr pink and learned less is better.

I guess that is what I meant, just with too many words. Attach the cannon directly to the trigger gun and not on the end of the extension/wand.

I had to go through some additional hoops because my trigger gun did not come with a quick connect.