Chemical Guys Premium Microfiber Towels

Chemical Guys Premium Microfiber Towels

Cannot be shipped to Washington state ? Didn’t realize microfiber towels were banned here…


we get a list of things with shipping restrictions and for some reason, this was on it.

Maybe the “chemical” keyword flagged it?

maybe? I know that I’ll never know.

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Maybe it was me in my master scheme to make sure @davejlives has to dry his car off with office-style toilet paper.

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looks to me like a stack of american cheese, ain’t nothing wrong with that


When Premium Microfiber Towels are outlawed…

Only outlaws will own Premium Microfiber Towels.


Legally, nobody should have a car that clean and dry.

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In the last two months the six pack of the larger 24"x16" of these were under $10 three times via Amazon.

Amazon currently has the 24 pack for $33 with the 16"x16" size so if you plan on buying two sets from Woot of these, it would be cheaper to buy one 24 pack from Amazon rather than two 6-packs from Woot. The 24 pack of 16"x16" was also $26.59 on 11.28.2021 for price comparison of real sales. The twelve pack of 16"x16" being sold on Woot now were $14.85 from Amazon on 11.28.2021 also.

Well, since Woot keeps allowing us to post the competition, I’ll offer this.

While I’ve heard great things about all the CG’s stuff, I’ve personally bought and used the Costco version of these towels, for years. They’re solid; strong, thick, absorbant, long-lasting.

And you get literally 3x more, for about the same price:

I love you Woot, but I love bargains, quality, and spreading that word more.


Costco be killin it with some of their deals. Wish I went with a Costco membership over Sam’s.

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