Cherrish Tart Cherry Juice, 3 Flavors

This is basically soda. Dont drink these for “health” reasons.

Will this help eliminate my gout?

Too much sugar content for me. Sugars need to be cut to a 1/3 of what they have it here.

Is stated not from concentrate, and the first ingredient is the concentrate? Is it prepared from concentrated cherry juice or not?

where do you see that it’s not from concentrate. The features say it IS from concentrate.

Loaded with SUGAR !!
They took something good and ruined it.

NO SUGAR ADDED … all fruit has naturally ocurring sugars … an apple has about 100 calories and 20g of sugar

Time to take a nutrition class … 1 cup of cherries yields about 80 calories and 15 g of sugar … the trade off for reduced natural sugars is artifical sweeteners and artificial flavorings (aka chemical soup)