Chest Of Nightmares


#2*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race


Like that it’s on cranberry but i cant wear a design like that


Wow, it is an interesting take. Hardly Guernica, but interesting. Probably a bit big as a design, though.


it sure beats the hell out of yesterday’s shirt. i really like it, but i’m not sold on the cranberry.


Reminds me of one of my favorite books as a kid, “Where the wild things are”

Great design!


I love the color.

I am torn on the picture. I like it. But its not something I would normally wear. Grabbing it because I am sure I will want it eventually anyway so might as well not have to pay that extra five dollars for it!


I have an idea… lets just poor 4 cups of ink on my shirt so it doesn’t move. Screw ironing!


Awesome. Cool. Nifty. Neato. Far out. Groovy. Boss. Swell. Tubular. Rockin’. Stellar.

But I’ll have to think about it just a little. That’s a BIG image to have on my chest.


Awesome design, a little bit Picasso, a little bit Burgerman. I like how the one is holding the other’s ear. Is that a bunny?


same sentiments, but pass. i was just looking at that bunny’s ear, too - looks like he’s getting more than phone numbers.


Reminds me of Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.


The first shirt I’ ve liked in a while. In for one!


cool idea, but the design is way too big.


those characters are so cute, how could anyone call a dream with them a nightmare?!


i have a theory.

regardless of the attractiveness and sellability of the shirt to the main wooter market,

it might actually be good business sense for woot to put out dailies from a variety of artists, because if the artist’s fanbase is large enough, some of their fans might actually become wooters, or woot consumers. the artist themselves might start sticking around for the derby.

it would be great for woot to find an artist with a super humongous following that would do a shirt for $1000.

even picking up a couple or dozen new consumers will spread the word about woot, shirtwoot, etc.


Interesting shirt, I especially like the shirt color.


That sounds like a thought out theory. Personally, I like this shirt, but with some of the odd ones, that is an interesting idea for their existence on woot.


Interesting for a Kid Robot designer.


I wish the design was smaller. I would buy it if it wasn’t so ostentatious.