Chest Of Nightmares


definitely an interesting/neat design. I love the big ones and this is pretty cool. For some reason though nothing about it strikes me as awesome or purchase-worthy. Who knows…


That’s me! Looking forward to wearing it at the waterpark.


the on in the middle on the left reminds me of a member of gorillaz


oh yeah and i just bought it. don’t have a cranberry shirt yet. pretty sweet design. good investment i guess.


This will give me nightmares. Hence the name. Hence the lack of buying.


oh wait i just remembered i actually do already have a cranberry colored shirt. oh well.


finally a cranberry shirt I enjoy. In for one!


i’m very very tempted on this one. Mentioning the God that is Frank Zappa only adds to my desire to own this. just not quite sure though. will have to sleep on it i think.


shirt.woot, why must you over-emphasize the tendency of these shirts to run small. while ordering my first shirt, at your behest, i ignored my better judgment and went up one size to XL. for today i just received said shirt (after 2 anxious weeks), and alas, it is too big. -_-

oh. um, ill pass on this one.


Why does it take so long for my orders to get here?
Not getting one…looks goofy


rad design jon!
nice work and a great portfolio.


can’t see myself wearing it, but pretty cool shirt


Cool, but a little too busy for me. Congrats on the design though.


I like it, we’re in for one!

Now this is something I would have liked to have seen on Asphalt. Not crazy about the Cranberry, but the design is too awesome to pass up!


Agreed. These were terrific shirt designs. I jumped on the technicolor shirt myself.

As to today’s offering. It ain’t bad - it is certainly not the reeking pile of garbage like yesterday’s design, but for ten american dollars you could do much worse. At least the color of the shirt is decent. But, that being said, I am not going to buy it myself. Next.


Ahh fantastic! I’m glad I checked tonight. I love cranberry and I love bizarre illustrations. Awesome work Jon. I can’t wait to wear it.


His Rip Curl designs have a much more palatable color scheme, IMO. I just can’t dig the color combo on this one.


who in the hell is picking the colors for these shirts?

AND are they color blind? Theres no way the colors in that design even begin to go well with a cranberry shirt.

The shirts are getting worse.


The designers pick the colors. And not all of them have been bad, just the last 2 dailies the past few days and, personally, I felt the color combo on Panthera was a bit obnoxious but the rest, colorwise, haven’t been too bad. Honestly Mary, if you think you can do better, enter a design to them as a daily submission.


Anyone figure out what the hidden message says?