Chewie Tacos

Can I get some hot porg sauce?

the chewie fuzzy taco…
smells like fish, tastes like chicken!

sorry but that was the first thing that came to mind when i saw this design.

I love the texture and detail of shading. Great work and team-up!

save porgs, they are not to be made into condiments :slight_smile:

@MrBignell Thx! Gotta give credit to Walmazan for all that. I just came up with the goofy idea and played a little with the design- Wences did all the heavy lifting for the art.

When I had the idea I figured I would try to do my best Walmazan impression to make it happen, but then I realized I need to go straight to the source.

Thanks for the print, Woot! Excited to wear it whenever I go out for tacos, especially on the way to one of the seemingly monthly new Star Wars movies.

Feels like a classic.

WTG Robbie + Wences.


Excellent! Will generate many smiles. Thanks for improving the day!

Woot: Would make a great apron for feasts!

Haha; Half of my design time consists of trying to emulate that same, wootastic style. You’re smart to team up with the master :slight_smile:

Nice shirt but why green? Any other color i woulda been all in