CHI Limited Edition 1" Hairstyling Iron w/Bonus-2 Colors

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CHI Limited Edition 1" Hairstyling Iron w/Bonus-2 Colors
Price: $69.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Friday, May 23 to Monday, May 26) + transit
Condition: New


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4/18/2014 - $79.99 - 13 comment(s)

Time ot learn all about CHI (Farouk)

Looks like

Both about $120.

CHI seems to be pretty well known, and these are well rated on Amazon.

I bought a similar model last time it appeared on the woot, and I have to say it was worth every penny.

I also picked one up for my mom for her birthday, and she also loves it.

This is a great flat iron. I regret nothing.

I own a chi flat iron (though not this one). It’s the best flat iron I’ve ever purchased and I don’t regret it. It heats up very quickly, straightens smoothly on the first pass (at least for me), and has left my hair smooth.

So the last time this Chi Flat Iron was on here I bought it. I was very excited, I have heard great things about the Chi. But then it seemed to be taking a while to get to me. So I tracked it. Apparently the order was packaged and a shipping label created, but never actually shipped. Contacted Woot a few times. They ended up crediting the money back to my account. I was really bummed out. So I was excited to see it available again, and for $10 less than the first one. I am praying this one actually makes it to me.

Does anyone know if this flat iron has adjustable heat settings?

EDIT other much more knowing people have chimed in to day that it DOES NOT have adjustable heat settings.

Reading the Amazon Reviews one of the reviewers mentions that they use ‘the highest setting’, so I would guess it would. But it is only a guess.

Own this iron from the last Woot deal and it is amazing! Came with all the authentic paperwork and the presentation of the product is really FUN, love the free gifts inside too! Thanks for posting such a great deal!!!

It has two settings: On and Off.

So no adjustable heat.

I don’t believe so. The heat adjustable CHI flat iron models that I’m familiar with (like the Air or titanium G2) have the heat settings located on the left side (clearly, not here) or buttons stripped in the center. The center buttons here appear to be the on/off switch. So this is probably one of the GF1XXX models with a fixed 392F setting.

I’ve owned 3 over the last I want to say 8 years or so. They only have an on or off button.
And this is the only brand i use on my curly frizzy thick hair.
just fyi don’t wrap the cord around the iron itself, use the hand to elbow method.
I’ve had to replace them over the years because of the cord. It’s awesome and really long but after twisting and untangling, and wrapping it tightly around the iron many times, the connection at the base seems to only have about a 2/3 year lifespan for me, (using it once or twice a week. )
But I buy it again every time.

have never bought anything on here, is this for real?

It’s for real, sister! Your life will never be the same. :slight_smile:

This is the REAL DEAL, Holyfield, chica!!! Your comment literally made me lol…does it just seem too good to be true or something!!! Too funny & cute!

My wife swears by her Chi. She had one for about 10 years. Cord was starting to wear out finally, but it was awesome. Sometimes you do see these pretty cheap, but these are so popular that these are actually counterfeited often enough. Just bear that in mind when shopping, be smart!

Having just recently picked up a brilliant purple Chi as a replacement for the wife’s old model, I can tell you this is actually a really good price. I’m also sure that Woot has vetted their supplier. If my wife’s testimony is any sign, these are amongst the best flat irons. :slight_smile: